St. Michael's Church School, Peterborough

The children learnt about the turbulent past history in Poland and placed the events on a large scale Polish flag. They placed the positive events on the white section and the bloodier/sadder events on the red section of the flag. They also discussed the levels of happiness/sadness within the bands.

They learnt some interesting facts and figures about their homeland/heritage country.

Then we launched our famous people research project. The children learnt about people from Poland who have made valuable contributions to human progress. They worked in small groups to create a poster about Irena Sendler, Frederic Chopin, Nicolaus Copernicus, Marie Curie or Robert Lewandowski.

The children completed a simple questionnaire about their connection to Poland and the reasons for moving to the UK. We found out that most of our Polish children in UKS2 were born in the UK and their parents predominantly moved to the UK for work and better prospects. The children felt that learning our language was the hardest part of moving here as well as leaving family and friends behind for those born in Poland. One of the biggest worries for the community is Brexit and what is going to happen after March. They want to keep the Polish traditions alive and remember their home language too.

Using the story of the ‘Legend of the Wawel Dragon’ as inspiration the children and parents worked together to create a large scale mixed media dragon. This is on display in our school library alongside the story for the school to share. In the morning we prepared a party with traditional Polish foods to share with the parents and siblings of children within our school. There was very little food left at the end. We also held a fun quiz for the parents and children focussing on their learning about Poland in the morning and general knowledge of their home country.


We then asked the children to make Promise Pledges (on shoes like the shoemaker in our dragon story) about how they would help new Polish people who join our school feel comfortable and welcomed. Finally the children shared their voice about their Polish Project special day and they were really positive and excited about their experiences.