Elm Court School, London

In March 2019 we as a class, 8AC, signed up for the Schools Project on Poland. We are a Year 8 group in a SEN school in South London and we are always keen to learn about new cultures, places and people. We eagerly engaged with the information about Poland. Many in our class have a strong interest in History, particularly WWII, so it was very interesting to see the significance of that conflict on Poland and its people. The class were greatly inspired by Marie CurieSklodowska and were amazed at all she achieved. The class had a visit from a Polish citizen who explained about their upbringing whilst Poland was still communist, she talked about the changes in her country since then and spoke about the beauty of the Polish Mazury region. As a class we all learnt some Polish phrases, ate some Polish snacks and made some traditional Polish crafts. In April we travelled as a class to POSK, the Polish Social and Cultural Centre in West London. We collected Polish newspapers, enjoyed more Polish snacks and saw the wide variety of activities that are put on. Everyone really enjoyed their visit and they agreed that it gave them a bit more of an insight into Polish culture. When we finished the project, we put some of our learning together in the school to show other classes what we had done as part of the project. We spoke at assembly about what we had learnt about Poland and some students were able to talk about the Poland project during our last parents evening. We all learnt a great deal about Poland during this project and feel our interest in this fascinating country will only increase.