Ellesmere College in Shropshir

Ellesmere College in Shropshire have been investigating Penley Hospital in Wales https://news.wrexham.gov.uk/penley-hospital-the-story-of-a-polish-community-in-wales/

This hospital was set up after the Second World War to treat Polish veterans and their families. The original hospital closed in 2002 but Wrexham Museum has an exhibition telling the story of the Penley Poles and the Polish Hospital. There is more information here: http://www.polishresettlementcampsintheuk.co.uk/penley.htm

The school managed to track down former patients and one student had the following comments:
What I remember from the meeting with the Polish hospital resident is that he actually did not come there during the war. Firstly his children went to the UK to develop their businesses and after a while they took him to England for medical treatment, as it was easier to manage here. Back in Poland he lived in Końskie (a town in central Poland) and worked for most of his life in the factory of Opoczno – one of the most famous bathroom ceramics producer in European Union.
I need to stress that I completely did not know about the history of Penley. It is really surprising that in the close vicinity of School there is such an important place for the UK’s history located. Visiting this village definitely made me consider the past – both in the UK and Poland alongside with how the events in Penley influenced the world in which we live today.