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We are delighted that you wish to take part in the project.
Please follow the link below to download all the materials you need for Steps 1, 2 and 3:

You will download 4 files: 1 PDF document and 3 PowerPoint Presentations. The PDF is a guide for teachers that gives all the information you need about how to run the project. The PowerPoint presentations are ready-to-use resources and display materials for your classroom. These are referred to in the Teachers’ guide and can be easily adapted for use with your students.


Step 1 can be done in a lesson, students learn about the historical context to the topic of Polish people in the UK.
Step 2 involves students meeting and interviewing people of Polish origin.
Step 3 challenges students to do something to support integration in their community.


You can do one or all of the steps. They can be adapted for working with students aged 8-18.
We hope you will share your experiences with us and for students completing Step 3 there will be a chance to attend an event at the Polish Embassy later in 2019.
Please see the website for more details and updates:


If you have any questions, please e-mail
We hope you enjoy the project!