Welcome to Schools Project on Poland!

The bonds between Poland and Britain have been forged over many centuries. The two countries have been trading goods and exchanging diplomats since the 15th Century.

These links between the two countries deepened further during and immediately after World War Two. Polish people fought alongside British people to defeat fascism and many Poles settled in the UK after the War ended.

When Poland became part of the European Union in 2004, thousands of Poles chose to settle in the UK, not only for better work opportunities, but also because there were established Polish communities in parts of the country. Today, there are estimated to be 1 021 000 UK residents who were Polish born and many more British people have recent Polish ancestry. Polish is the most commonly spoken non-native language in England and Wales.

Some Poles live in areas where other Poles live, speak mostly Polish, eat mostly Polish food, and visit Polish supermarkets, grocers, pubs, churches and cultural centres. Many others are fully integrated into the wider community, working and socialising with people from a variety of backgrounds. Schools Project on Poland exists so that school age children in the UK can get to know more about Poland, Polish people in the UK and our shared stories.